Why should you do a thorough inspection yourselves or through a Professional

  • To identify, understand and account for Everthing NOT Okay in your property.
  • It is in your interest and also in the professional’s interest to get more business again.
  • A leaving tenant may not have time or incentive to give you a thorough report. What is he gaining by it really?
  • Identifying all issues, major or minor helps to complete settlement with tenants and also in fixing problems in time.
  • Plan preventive maintenance if you are aware of early stage issues.
  • To maintain record for future use.

Our Inspection Service

This service is intended to help a property owner to account for damages and also to undertake preventive maintenance.

we designed the service report in such a way that it is very easy to understand, details not lost, easy to share with anyone.

Owners can also avail repairs that are supervised by our expert team.

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Do not miss Spotting the following issues in your property

Issues Easy to Spot

  • Door and frames – either cracked or rotting, baked by sun, loose handles, lost Keys, broken door stoppers.
  • Toilets – either with out of place covers, leakage stains, hard water stains, misplaced false ceiling panels in bathrooms,
  • Kitchen with Pests.
  • Balconies with stained tiles, broken safety rods/ glass, 0000jammed water outlets, broken pull up hangers
  • And a lot more possibilities

Not so obvious ones to spot

hard to spot but great concept – unilever logo

While a house looks okay in photos, there are many places that need an Eye to Detail. The following are just a few of the frequent ones and there can be lot more.

  • Jammed commode flushes,
  • worn out valves in taps,
  • cracked seals on kitchen platforms, commodes, drainage lines, windows,
  • rusted hinges and internal fixtures in modular kitchen, wardrobes, bathrooms, showcases,
  • creaky modular kitchen sliders,
  • dead lamps and greasy chimneys,
  • And a lot more than you can imagine.

Repairs/ Issues a technician can ONLY spot

  • Electrician – Electrical and earthing, damaged or burnt-out high load wiring, worn-out bearings in fans
  • Plumber – broken seals/ valves in drain and water pipelines
  • Leaking gas line and incorrect gas meter.
  • Structural issues.
  • Issues with any white goods such as fridge, washing machine, dish washer, Microwave Owen etc.

Request a Inspection Checklist and Template for your Property

It is very easy, even for experienced property managers, to go wrong if they do not use a proper template or a check list.

Please write to us at hello@tenanted.in, requesting an Inspection template by mentioning the type of your property in the below format.

for eg: Fully furnished 2 BHK, Semi Furnished 4 bhk independent house

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