process in detail

Analysis and Initialisation

Property Inspection

Property Captain inspects the condition of the property, identifies opportunities, gives suggestions on repairs and marketing strategy.

Signing Agreement

Explain the roles and responsibility of the manager, duties of the owner, capture owner preferences, explain manager renumeration structure, verify ownership, document inventory and sign the property management agreement.

Initiate Marketing

Property Captain initiates Marketing of the property as per recommendations, secures keys, initiates repairs/ maintenance by selecting vendors.

Readying the Property

Property Captain inspects repairs, reports status and quality of repairs, coordinates with accounts department to settle dues, gets apartment association compliance information and processes.

Marketing and finding suitable Tenants

Marketing the Property

Marketing the property extensively in all relevant channels to maximise inspections and chances of striking better results.

Scheduling Inspections

Inspections are done to impress tenants and enhance the value of the property. Schedule inspections after owner informs apartment association in writing.

Negotiating Rent and Deposit

Negotiate rent as per owners preferences and market trends. The goal is to get best possible tenants and as better rent as possible.

Screening Tenants

Collect necessary information, documents, previous landlord and local references to help owners decide. Only on owner’s approval token advance is  collected and move-in process initiated.

Tenant Move-in and Education

Collect rent and deposit

Company collects deposit and rent before signing Leave and License agreement with the tenant. Deposit and rent is paid only to company account and not to any executive of the company.

Get Inventory and Leave and License agreements signed

Inventory detail will be signed by the tenant before she/ he signs the Leave and License agreement to ensure clarity and agreement about inventory as on move-in date.

Completing Association Formalities - Compliance

Register the tenant/s with the association, as required. Explain rules and policies of association.

Usage education and Video capture

Explain the usage of critical equipment, materials inside the property so that tenants do not end up damaging them unintentionally.

Management Post Tenanting

Collect and disburse rent on time

Collect rents, settle dues, and disburse rent to the owner. Initiate non compliance measures if rent is not received before due date.

Attend to tenant requests

We want tenants to have a pleasant stay. So we attend to their requests – rent receipts, corrections, repair requests and support.

Inspect, repair and report periodically

Periodic inspections and repairs help to keep the property pleasant to stay and healthy.

Settle association requests

We attend to any request or complaint from the association.

Handle Terminations

Initiate Marketing, Inventory check, clean up and repair quotations (as needed), key collection, tenant exit settlement, informing association.

how much do we charge

performance based incentive model

  • Zero Sign up fee.
  • No tenant placement fees
  • No rent, No pay
  • small monthly payments. no lump-sum/ advance payments. 

There may be a minimum fee depending on the property type and the location. Get in touch with us so that we can let you if this applies.

We charge between 7-9 percent of rent. No hidden charges. No charges when property is vacant. GST of 18% applies.

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