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Many Rental properties remain suboptimally maintained, and vacant as Owners are away. Premium properties return good ROI on Investment for the long term but require personal attention.

We chose to solve this problem and are the only company to offer a (Single Point of Contact Property Manager) Expert to drive EVERYTHING from Tenant Placement to Tenant Exit to Property Maintenance.

Our Team excels at Property Management and sees it as a Career and not as One more Job.

Why not anything else?

We feel sad when we see properties left without timely repair, tenants facing hassles, owners not in control of the property, associations not able to reach owners / tenants , undocumented people staying, and unintentional damage to equipment etc.

What we deliver

Both Owners and Tenants deserve better. We deliver properties in a pleasant-to-live condition and make sure it is maintained in that condition. We also intend to make time good for other stake holders, including our employees working for the good of our tenant and owner customers.


One Goal

β€œTo ensure that Owners and Tenants stay hassle-free while we maximise returns and safety of the property.”

Most Important


Respect for human life irrespective of gender, colour, religion, region, preferences and profession.


Helping eachother perform better, Integrity, Accountability, and Constant Innovation

Quality of Living

To ensure better experience to all the stake holders - Employees, Owners, Tenants, Vendors.

The Founding Team.

loves building stuff, reading, tweeting, interacting and spends a lot on time on Youtube. He tracks a lot of Realestate developments – investing, construction technology.
Aryan is passionate about fitness, art of living, meeting and inspiring people. Passionate about conceptualizing and building Home Interiors per use-case, saving up space.
Kiran is easy going, has friends all over Bangalore. A big movie buff who watches any thing, kannada to hindi to Korean movies. Resourceful and arranges any thing when it matters

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