Privacy Policy intends to make it clear the usage information related to its users.

Personal information we collect through from its users

The information we collect includes Email address, First name and last name, Phone number and that Property Address that a property owner considers for property management or tenant placement. Incase you intend to become our customer, we collect your bank account number to make payments to you. We also collect any of your friends/ relatives contact number which helps us to serve you. We may also ask for your city of stay so that we may be able to contact you at your likely convenient time in your timezone. However, we do not collect your debit card or credit card information currently.

Do we track you?

We only use Google Analytics to track your usage of our website, which in turn helps us to optimise and constantly improve our website to serve you better. We do not show any 3rd party ads on our website. We may also use remarking and other advertising services from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, Google to softly re-advertise our services to you. All the above technology platforms use cookies to track your usage of websites you visit. In order that we re-advertise to you, we use cookies that will sit on your location computer if you accept cookie notification from your browser.

What information do we share with Vendors?

Vendors include providers of materials, services or man power. We only share the Address of the place they need to provide services to, after securing written consent from the property owner.

What information do we share with Tenants?

Legally, Tenants have the right to know who the legal owner/s of the property is. As needed in Legal agreements, we may also share Father’s name and Permanent address (as filled by owner) of the owner/ owners.

Disclosure of personal information of users to law enforcement agents?

Yes, only if required by law or by a government agency.

Do we expect to sell our website?

We currently do not have any plans to see the website If we are doing so, we will inform you in accordance with the agreements we sign together. If you an owner of the property, we will inform you prior to sale of the website.

How can users contact us for any questions regarding our Privacy Policy?

Only By email written to hello@ which will be replied only from the same email. All replies will be in standard english only.

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