Interior Design and Execution you will LOVE

Dedicated Supervisor. On-time delivery. Competitive rates.

Complete Integration – electrical, lighting, painting, furnishings. No re-work.

not Just wood work..

more than wood work

designing: Choose among designs & designers as per your requirements, and liking.

execution: systematically craft beautiful false ceilings, plush wardrobes, elegant kitchen platforms, reliable electrical wiring, mood lighting, lovely wallpapers and finally neat painting…

onsite supervision: Our experienced supervisors work closely with you to ensure what is delivered is what is planned, on-time. We pay you equivalent rent on any delay.

after sales support: High standard of design and execution we adopt enables us to offer  5 – 8 year warranty based on design and materials and 10 years of onsite support.

Avail a free Consultation – Get a ballpark quotation and the timelines after an on-site visit by our expert.

how we deliver, Quality

consultative designing based on experience and use-cases.

very experienced craftsmen who know how not to mess-up.

Hand picked materials that are very reliable.

Sticking to timelines and Constant follow-up.

dedicated supervisor with an Eagle’s Eye to detail.

Full Integration and Planning – electrical, plumbing, painting, lighting, cleaning – means NO re-work and running around and delays.

Read Elements of a good  Interior Design and Wood Work.



Why hire us?

personalised service

an expert supervises the execution, reporting directly to you.

design, materials, execution

use-case based designs crafted using materials that hold and executed with care.

all under one umbrella

be it electrical, plumbing, lighting, painting and cleaning, you won’t need to run around. And re-works and delays.

competitive prices

Our smart sourcing and planning means that you will be paying less for more. You’ll surely, have a smile on your face.

talk to an expert, now