Some Issues to identify in a Detailed Property Inspection

Inspection Context:

Tenant vacated the property and requested Security Deposit be returned.

Issues and Solutions/ Fixes

leaking tap leading to seepage

A leaking tap leading to seepage and spoiling of wood work

  • Needs immediate fix.
to polish main door exposed to sun light.

Main door and frame baked by sun rays.

  • Needs sanding and fresh polish
cracked sofa seat

Worn out Sofa Fabric

  • Needs sponge work and new fabric
  • Entire seat needs to be opened up to perform this.
improperly cleaned tube light

cleaning not up to the mark

  • Need a professional deep cleaning
dusty windows

dust laden windows and frames

  • needs a proper deep cleaning to prevent clogging of water draining outlet
stained window glasses

stained window glasses obstructing clear view and light

dusty mosquito mesh

dusty window mesh

  • probably not maintained during regular course of time
  • needs a proper cleaning
broken tile

broken tile in kitchen wardrobe

  • needs putty work if tile replacement is not possible.
water seepage spoiling modular kitchen

leakage from above on kitchen platform

  • needs removal of weak plaster
  • Re-seal using Silicone sealant
rusting hinges and pests

Rusting hinge and pest infected wardrobes

  • WD40 treatment for mildly rusty hinges to prolong life
  • Pest Control for the flat and near by corridor to prevent pests from neighbouring flats
scaled washing machine

never cleaned detergent pan

  • try descaling using descaling agent in full drum clean mode. repeat if needed.
leaking taps

Non stop leaking tap

  • replace just the valve seal if possible. Else replace the valve.
  • If it is very rusted and weak, replace the entire unit.
stained tiles

Broken tile and hard water stained tiles

  • Needs some white cement work under the tiles. Cut a new tile and fix if available.
  • Acid clean of the effected area.
leaking roof

Spillage due to rain from ceiling

  • Do not recommend painting unless it is really needed. Or wait till the rains subside.
cracked seal

crack in the sealing on kitchen platform

  • recommend to scrape the old layer and seal with fresh silicone.
gaps in bathroom floor

Water seeping in to the bathroom floor and rotting the door frame

  • Do new grouting in the tiles
  • Seal the wall-floor place with silicone sealant
misplaced bathroom ceiling

bathroom ceiling not in place

  • probably electrician did not put then back in place.
  • Rout the power cable properly and the ceiling tiles will sit in place.
seepage in bathroom

Seepage from the roof

  • talk with the owner of the flat above and request him to do fresh grouting.
dirty door bell

for many, its poor maintenance

dead bulb in chimney

chimney lights not working

  • get a light of the same specification which fit in that type of the holder.
  • clean up the oil on the light cover.
tile gaps in bathroom

weak grouting in bathrooms

  • time to get fresh grouting
clogged window drain outlets

clogged window drain holes

  • delay may result in seepage
  • clean up the drain holes. May need to enlarge the holes if needed to better drain rain water, particularly if your windows face the air direction
clogged terrace drains

dried up leaves and pods which blocking the draining out let

  • prevents water drain out leading to seepage
  • periodically clean up the terrace
scaled taps

taps covered by hard water salts

  • Descale the taps using descaling agent. Do not use acid as it might lead to corrosion of internal parts
malfunctioning bathroom door lock

Bath room does not lock leading to probably surprises!

stained chair fabric

stained dining chair fabric

  • foam cum wet vacuum cleaning may mostly remove the stain.
dead lamp

One of the chandelier lights is dead

  • replace with same or nearest spec fitting lamp.
  • be careful not to disturb the other lamps and hangings
hidden wardrobe spaces

dusty place hiding on the top of wardrobes which can grow fungi if moist.

Fungal growth can weaken the wardrobes and create dampness in the bedroom

loose gas leakage detector

Loose gas leakage detector

  • fix it else it may give false alarm or not do its work when actually needed
missing towel rod

missing towel rod in the bathroom

  • So easy to not take notice

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